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The SnapBack Story ...

It's funny how things happen.  You take 4 guys who played in different - successful - cover bands around Raleighwood.  You start talking one night about what music is actually selling out stadiums these days - Modern Country - and have that "Ahh Ha!" moment.  Let's do what we do party-music-wise, but let's *also* start playing some of what is selling out Walnut Creek ... and have FUN doing it.  And you know what, there is some classic country out there that you can't help yourself but to sing along with.  So here we are: SnapBack.

Jeff has been singing for years and not only has a knowledge of bands and music that I've never seen before, but he also has an amazing ability to read a crowd and keep people moving. Whether a wedding, club or outdoor family gig .. Come see!

Todd has to be one of the most versatile and precise guitar players in the area that will blow your mind.  Whether crushing a Jason Aldean solo, getting funky on a Lipps Inc song, or playing Bohemian Rhapsody - Apex High Music Teacher - (You've got to see this!), he is worth coming out to see.

Chris Dunkley is our bass player.  I think he's from Utah (JK - he moved here from the UK years ago!), and it's rare you meet someone with such appreciation for music AND can play with such feel and groove.  We love us some Dunk.  We think you will too.  :)  And can you imagine Debbie Dunkley is the most brilliant sound women we've ever had??  Special people!

Jody Miller - I really can't articulate how accomplished Jody is, and how fortunate we are that he is playing with SnapBack. We play some songs that feature the fiddle, and he nails it.  We also have songs where what he chooses to play is so ... musical and tasteful. Please come out and see this special talent!

Brett, myself, well, I've been drumming for years now and I feel honored to be in a band with such professional musicians - and friends - that allow me to bring my energy and sing and harmonize on so many tunes.

Well there you go ... the next step?   You've gotta come see us!!  :)


SnapBack @ Wild Wing July 2022 - Devil Went Down to Georgia cover
(featuring our newest full-time member - Berklee Grad Jody Miller!)



Raleigh, NC, USA


Thank you VERY much for contacting us ... Jeff will get back to you shortly! :)